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5 Tricks To Make Cleaning Fun

5 Tricks to Make Cleaning Fun

What comes to mind when people talk about their home? For many, the house is merely an abode. For some, it is a place of rest after many hours of work. Whatever your opinion of a home is, you must never ignore the cleanliness of your home.

However, many people find it hard to clean their bedroom. They find it overwhelming and daunting, especially if there have been some unsuccessful attempts. Many times, you may find yourself wondering which corner to start the cleaning.

A clean home ensures you feel comfortable and relaxed whenever you are at home. Without negating the fact that keeping your room clean might seem like an impossible task, making use of certain tricks will make it easier and fun.

Essential Tools for Cleaning


Every house needs to have essential cleaning tools. It guarantees a fun-filled task. The advantage of having these cleaning tools is that they come in handy to clean, organize, and stay with target every time. Here are the essential tools needed for cleaning.

1) Broom, dustpan, and mob

These are effective in cleaning both rough surfaces and smooth surfaces. With the use of these tools, no dirt will be spared.

2) Scrub brush

Using a piece of cloth or sponge to clean simple stains. But for tough stains, it is less effective. You should use Scrub brushes to clean the bath, the corners of the house, the shower walls, floors, and sink.

3) Squeegee

It is a must-have tool for keeping the flow of liquid on a flat surface. If you are cleaning the windows, this tool will be useful.

4) Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an electrical device. It’s useful in keeping in removing debris from the floor, clean all the times. It also reduces the risk of allergies.

5) Microfiber cloth

Having a microfiber cleaning cloth at home is essential. It allows you to clean a surface without scratch or breaks.

How long Does it take to Clean a Room

The time spent to clean a room depends on who is doing the job. If the cleaning is carried out by you, it might take more than 2 hours. It includes time to clean the dust, bathrooms, kitchen, sink, and the floor.

The time a professional home cleaning crew takes to clean a room depends on the number of workers cleaning. A four-person team can do a thorough cleanup in approximately 60mins for every 1000 square feet.

For people with a tight working schedule, it is best to hire the service of maids in Omaha for deep cleaning and proper arrangement of your house.

How to make Cleaning Fun

Tricks to make Cleaning Fun

Do you realize that you can turn that daunting task of cleaning into an entertaining one? You will be surprised to know that you can enjoy your cleaning by employing specific strategies. Here are five tips on how to make cleaning fun.

1) Make it a workout session

Have you noticed that anytime you clean, you sweat and feel lighter? Cleaning helps burn calories. This physical activity can be your only time and means to workout.

Combine it with the right attitude. See how you can go a few more steps, do some lifting, bending, stretching, and climbing.

2) Play your favorite music playlist

Listening to your favorite songs is an excellent way to make cleaning more fun. Whether you are a lover of soft music or loud music, you can easily listen through your earpiece or stereos.

Playing your favorite music will make your cleaning fun, but it will also arouse your mood, get you grooving, and engage your brain with something to get busy throughout.

3) Get your family involved

It’s annoying and tiring if you are cleaning while others are not. You may even get bored quickly. Cleaning is more fun when you are doing it with the company.

If you have a spouse or kid around, engage them in the activity. With some help, you will most likely get the job done faster.

4) Make it a game

One of the most fun things to do while cleaning is to make the entire activity a game. There is no better way to keep the family together during this task.

Try to set a timer and keep a chart of where each task is assigned. Give points and see who finishes the fastest. It will further show you that cleaning can be completed in little time.

5) Get a reward for yourself

Cleaning is not a fun task. However, it is essential to clean and keep your room in order. Anytime you can accomplish this task, appreciate your effort by taking the rest of the day to enjoy some snacks and drink or even a manicure to get out the stubborn dirt and pigment gotten from cleaning.

You will undoubtedly enjoy the cleaning when you know that something enjoyable awaits you at the end.


The house needs to be maintained no matter what. While some people enjoy cleaning, some do not. It might not be as a result of laziness. Cleaning itself is a demanding task, and it takes a lot to get it done thoroughly and promptly.

Now that you have learned what can make your cleaning much more comfortable and fun, it is time to put that into action. With an enjoyable experience, you will realize that cleaning can be converted from a seemingly daunting task to a fun and easy task.

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