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What’s Superfast Cymru all about?

This is a pioneering multimillion-pound programme to bring nationwide superfast broadband, making Wales one of the best-connected countries in the world. The Welsh Government and BT are working in partnership through the Superfast Cymru programme to bring the benefits of…

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Acquire new customers Fibre broadband allows you to make your marketing digital, with the ability to reach customers through new, faster, richer and easier to track communications options. Social media like Facebook and twitter help you reach new audiences cheaply…

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Woman At Computer 5g

What does 5G mean for customers?

Fifth Generation Wireless (5G) is set to be rolled out by the end of the years and wireless carriers worldwide are getting ready for the period of communication that will see speeds 10 to 100 times faster than currently available.…

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If superfast broadband is already in your area, there may be a number of providers who can offer it to you. We've listed our providers below, which will take you directly to their web sites - so you can find…

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Got a question?

Where and when can I get it? This is a massive undertaking. We're aiming to boost commercial roll-out to bring fibre based broadband to 96% of Wales – that’s over 1.3 million premises.  For those premises beyond the fibre footprint…

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The Benefits

Enjoy a faster online experience Superfast broadband will have a big impact at home and for business. Having a fast and more reliable connection will help your business gain the advantage – there are so many tools and services at…

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